I am quite often amazed by the number of my customers who have never heard of Pinterest or succumbed to it’s ample charms…but they’re out there, internet savvy, crafty folks who remain blissfully unaware of this amazing digital pinboard.

So what is it, and why should you care? The first clue is in their name Pin – terest. You pin, interesting things from elsewhere on the world wide interweb. But that sounds boring doesn’t it? Pinterest lets you create different “boards” for different subjects enabling you to plan and organise to your hearts content. The real joy of Pinterest is finding amazing projects, products and ideas that other people have “pinned”. You can follow other people or their specific boards – so if you find someone with impeccable taste in any given subject, you don’t even have to hunt the web for inspiration – it comes direct to you.

Pinterest has recently introduced “secret boards”, so if you want to plan your wedding (even if your not dating), or get a cool tattoo (but know that your mum wouldn’t approve) you can keep it on the Q T by making your board invisible to the rest of the world – result.


It’s free !

It’s easy.

Inspiration comes direct to you based on your own criteria and taste.

Everything is in one place, organised and simple to find.


The morally grey area of “copying ideas”.

Pinterest’s terms and conditions state that you should own the right to the image you are pinning – I am 100% sure that 99% of users do not do this.

Like all social media – you will come across people and opinions you do not like.

You may find your free time slips away when pinning, hours can go by and your still sat at the computer – it is a bit addictive.

If you fancy giving Pinterest a go, you could do worse than to follow my DesignerRemnant board – it is my inspiration station for all things fabric and crafty.