I have just noticed the date of my last blog post – oh my, that is embarrassing. In fairness to me, I have only just worked out how to “locate” the blog section of the website in the correct location. (I’m pretty sure that you are mostly here for the fabric not my ramblings).  I wanted to include a blog (to keep you up to date, yeah right), but not have it get in the way of looking at fabric. Anyway, that is my excuse for not regularly posting, the blog being in the wrong spot (lame, I know). Now things are where I want them, they’ll be no stopping me – I hope.

Exciting things are afoot here at DesignerRemnants.co.uk. I am about to add to the site some amazingly priced ticking stripes and a linen lookalike. These are “regular” fabrics rather than remnants, so if you need lots, no problem. I’m also going to be adding a lot more half price wool throws as they sold like hot cakes last time (and wool is so fashionable right now).

If there are “regular” products you would like to see on the site, why not email us with your thoughts – if there is enough support for a particular type or style of fabric, we my be able to source it at a great price. Email: designerremnants@gmail.com.

Health and happiness to you all.